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Star Dental Crowns is a dental gold refiner and a division of Star Refining. We are and have been precious metal refiners for 25 years, based in London with offices in the USA, France and China. With a wealth of precious metal knowledge and expertise that makes Star Refining stand out amongst its competitors.

Enjoy peace of mind dealing with a reputable international organization.

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As a refiner the prices we are able to offer you are due to our diverse portfolio of customers and 50,000 strong customer base. Not only that but coupled with the fastest service and a trusted name in the US and UK dental market we strive to be the company everyone wants to refine with.

We are constantly reviewing and developing the refining process and investing in the latest technology to bring you the most up to date customer service and refines we can.

We hope you enjoy and find the service quick and easy.

Kind Regards

Clive Simnock, Star Dental Crowns


Contact us at:

Star Dental Crowns
Star Group
901 Northpoint Parkway Suite 104
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

Telephone: 888-781-6776


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